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MARIA Workshops

The workshops took place in Prague at the choir of the church of Our Lady of the Snows during the event Days of Faith to June 6, 2015.
With the support of the Franciscan Check Community and they have been conducted by Guido Dettoni -the author of the Handsmatter process- along with the help of many volunteers. These Workshops emphasize among the participants the presence of Mary, the mother of Jesus. The chosen theme is "touching tenderness".

As per the Handsmatter process, the participants are blindfolded and given warm malleable matter for shaping while sitting in the choir stalls. Accompanied by music, the shaping of the matter is done without any aware intention to achieve something specific; only unconsciously expressing through hands feelings and emotions. The resulting shapes bear witness to these inner feelings.

After the shaping is completed, eyes are unfolded and participants are presented their shape. They then choose one point of view from which pictures are taken so that the shape becomes a 2D intangible object. Afterwards every image is shared for interpretation given the endless suggestions it contains. This sharing also took place projecting the images at the jumbo-screen installed at the entrance of the church yard so that what was inside was brought outside.

MARIA Workshops on-line

This site is mirroring the MARIA workshops experienced at the choir. A total of 505 images of the shapes created during the Workshop have been uploaded to the Workshop Gallery of the site. Registered users have access to the images which are open to interpretations and compositions in expression of “touching tenderness”. Users select images they like to bring them to their own Work Space where they can compose/assemble them on the Handsmatter application’s canvas. Each user’s composition will be saved on the Workshop Gallery, to be viewed and used by other users.